.::Ini budak sangat nakal::.

haha this post was written to make a little speech to tengku nadya shafinaz.. congratulations because u manage make your naughtiness become one of my infamous blog entries..but don't worry no one will read this blog..hehe i guess.. so let's move on.. first of all thank you for painting my face which is not so handsome.. haha and your art is really cute... i really like it..hehehe

well i thinks that's all.. and here gift for u... just keep it at place where the sunlight can reach.. and don't forget to put some water.. so it will not wither...i hope u like it..haha.. finally, sorry coz my English is very bad.. and hope u will understand.. hehe

i give u a rose! hehehe

credit for u noty gurl! hehe

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